Monday, April 20, 2015

3-N-1.....Baby Fall Down and go "BOOM!"

Have you ever just had a day when you wanted to hit the REDO button?  I should have known my Saturday long run wasn't going to start out right when I got all the way to the trails and hadn't had a full cup of Joe!

In all my years of running, I believe I experienced just about every blooper possible, all in one day...... Here is how it all went down.......

  1. Despite not having had all of my coffee, after about 2 miles in and 1 mile from the nearest port-a-potty, I experienced a coffee stimulant attack which I had to take care of immediately..... in the woods!  I was fortunate to have a great look out guy in my husband, however, he thought it was funny during my attack to warn me of all the fake runners that he saw coming up upon the secluded ditch I'd found to manage my business!!! Needless to say, everything came out all right....PUN intended!
  2. The next blooper involved the picture above.....I got to the next port-a-potty and thought I'd stop just in case.  Well that took plenty of time off my run and I wanted to get going and took off to catch up with the rest of the group and redeem some of the time I'd spent in the woods!  After successfully leaping over several mud puddles, I tripped over the smallest twig in the world and in slow motion fell forward onto one knee at  time and then each elbow!  I don't think my chin hit the ground, but I swear, I suffered a mild concussion!  My buddy Maria watched in shock as I fell not knowing if she should try to catch me or scream for help!  I laid there for a while, not believing it was happening!  I told you I should have known something was up!
  3. Oh, but wait, it gets worse....after all of that stopping my momentum for running was shot!  I really wasn't feeling it, but we kept going.  We were not paying attention however to where we were going and then successfully got lost on a trail that we have run I am sure 50 times before!  I knew I should have hit the REDO button!
I am not sure what this Springbok learned on that run, but here are a few take home points:

  • Get up early enough to drink your coffee and handle your business at home!
  • Watch out for the small twigs in life, they are often the things that trip us up most!
  • If you don't know where you are going, pay attention to where you are!  There might be some subtle signs to redirect you back to the right path!
Until this Springbok, _____, trips, falls or gets lost again.......

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